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    Mon - Thu09h00 - 18h00
    Fri09h00 - 14h00
    Sat09h00 - 12h00
    Sun & PHClosed

    Whereas a free listing only offers you 30 words that you will enter here, and enhanced listing gives you the opportunity to add up to 250 words in this field. Thus with so many more words describing your company chances are much greater of you being picked up by searches.

    In addition to the above an enhanced listing also gives you the option to display one or two photographs of your product or service or business. You are allowed to upload up to 20 photographs to store on the server and can rotate between these to display on your listing

    The enhanced listing also offers a lot more details like email addresses, website links, hours of business, etc.

    As with both the FREE and premium listings, the normal features of sharing the business on social media, as well as rating the business is also included

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Strand Coordinates

Latitude: -34.104°

Longitude: 18.818°

Altitude: 7m


24.7 km.

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